Bermuda Triangle Facts & Theories – 10 Shocking Facts

Bermuda Triangle Facts & Theories – 10 Shocking Facts

One of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the modern age is the Bermuda Triangle. Known as the “Devil’s Triangle.” This triangular shaped region located in the North Atlantic Ocean spreads from the Bermuda Island to Miami, and Puerto Rico.

Bermuda Triangle Facts

Bermuda Triangle Facts

Here hundreds of boats, ships, and planes disappeared without a trace. The reasons vary from myths to scientific explanations. Here you can find the Bermuda Triangle Facts & Theories with 10 shocking facts.

First a little history about the Bermuda Triangle:

On much different research, the US Navy claimed that in fact, the Bermuda Triangle does not exist. There have been various documented mysteries for centuries, and it started with Christopher Columbus. During his travels through the Bermuda Triangle, he wrote in his journal that the war crafts compass stopped working, and he noted fireballs in the sky.

This happened on 8 October 1492, and he did not take it seriously and did not inform his crew. The reason, because the compass did not point to the magnetic north would send the crew on a wild goose chase. Three days after that he spotted a mysterious light and the crew became alarmed and wanted to go to Spain.

Bermuda Triangle Government Conspiracy

Bermuda Triangle Government Conspiracy

Although with the claims of the US Navy many questions still arise as to what is this mystifying place, what is the reason behind it, where it is precisely located, and why are people getting lost there.

On an average, more than four planes and 20 yachts have disappeared over the years. Moreover, the best of all there is no evidence proving they disappeared. Many believe the devil lives there, but many do not know the exact reason. The majority of the disappearances took place on the southern boundary between Florida and Puerto Rico.

So what is the truth about the Bermuda Triangle:

Many myths have arisen since Columbus, and many have exaggerated about the actual happenings. Overall of the earth, there are two places that magnetic compasses do not point north but only towards the magnetic north. The U.S. Coast Guard explains that it’s known as compass variation.

This variation changes as much as 20° and if not compensated for, a navigator may find himself off course and in deep trouble.

However, for many years ship captains knew about this and dealt with it, as they are experienced, navigators. Nevertheless, still, there have been many unusual properties as the magnetic fields in a constant flux at the Bermuda Triangle. There have been old legends and modern ones dating back to the 1950s where an Edward Van Winkle Jones reported that many ships and planes disappeared in this area. Each one swallowed without a trace.

There have been books written that alien life forms have landed there leaving no traces of wreckage or bodies. Moreover, in the early 1970s, the obsession with the place reached its pinnacle with bestseller Charles Berlitz with his paperback book The Bermuda Triangle.

Where is Bermuda Triangle Located

Where is Bermuda Triangle Located

While later writers criticized that most publishers over exaggerated on their stories. There have been movies, articles, newsletters, and TV shows.

Natural Explanations of the Coast Guard

If you are still convinced that the Bermuda Triangle is a graveyard, read the explanations from the Coast Guard.

  • The area has unique features as the Gulf Streams warm the current flowing from the Gulf of Mexico around Florida spreads northeastwards towards Europe and is very turbulent – this could lead to erasing evidence of any disaster.
  • The regions a hurricane alley with high waves while the topography of the ocean floor varies with deep trenches – with the strong currents over the reefs it causes a navigational hazard and those traveling with smaller boats and insufficient knowledge leads to devastation.

To sum it up here are the 10 shocking facts about the Bermuda Triangle:

Below are some astonishing tales of airplane and vessels that vanished or met with under the weather fate while journeying the Bermuda Triangle region.

  1. The Avenger Flight 19 Plane:

This aircraft took off from the United Sea Naval Base in Florida for a scheduled training session on December 1945 but never returned.

  1. Two PBM Martin Mariner:

As hope for finding the Avenger faded, two other Martin Marine airplanes sent to search for them. Only once came back and the other vanished forever.

  1. The Tudor Star Tiger:

Another plane the Tudor Star Tiger disappeared from radar while it flew over the triangle shortly before landing the Bermuda airport.

  1. Aircraft Fight DC-3:

This aircraft vanished only 50 miles south of Florida before landing in Miami.

  1. Naval Airliner Flight 441:

The airliner disappeared in October 1954.

  1. The C-54 Skymaster:

There seemed to be a sudden thunderstorm and the plane disintegrated.

  1. The Ghost Ship the Mary Celeste:

The famous ghost ship had many misadventures before it disappeared in 1872. However, they did salvage the ship, but no one found aboard and missing.

  1. Another Ghost Ship – the Carroll A. Deering:

Another significant maritime mystery is the Carroll A. Deering ship found abandoned at Diamond Shoals all of the crew missing never found again.

  1. The Marine Sulphur Queen Ship:

It was a 524-foot carrier that sailed on the 2nd February 1962 from Beaumont with a crew of 39 – reported lost and perpetually missing.

  1. Ellen Austin came back with interesting information:

The Ellen Austin was an American yacht, who encountered another extraordinary vessel in the triangle only to find it moving at high speed with not a soul on board.

These are merely a small number of a set of circumstances declared from a massive list that you can read at the Bermuda Triangle Incidents homepage. Here you can discover tales from old until today.

Therefore, what causes them to disappear?

Many researchers have been done around these mysteries, and each one has it’s own explaining the reasons each with their circumstances. Here are some popular ones:

  • Methane Gas trapped beneath the sea floor erupting,
  • The Sargasso Sea is known not to have banks and only water currents that cause many ships to strand,
  • The electronic fog that appears out of nowhere – the instruments malfunction and they vanish,
  • You can view all the major theories available around the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle on the Theories Bermuda Triangle

Final Thoughts

Since the 1950s, the mysteries around the Bermuda Triangle have been making its rounds and attracting attention. It is understandable that these mysteries would spread on a tremendous scale spreading like a wildfire. Many have made their conclusions. Scientists have done research and made the Bermuda Triangle one of the greatest living legends still known today.